This summer I have attained a position at Reagle Players in Waltham. I am enjoying my time thus far, for the most part, well when we are actually working on things it is great!

We are short handed this show, compared to the many shows in the past, or so I am told. The most frustrating part is the lack of a schedule. As a scenic run crew member I am only required for an occasional sprint through massive changes. So with a lack of a specified schedule my life is at the beck and call of the director and the technical director. For the first 40 mins of the show I have nothing to do… Which is why I have decide to write another entry for you tonight. The technology of my iPad is very helpful in the circumstance.

The show we are putting up is none other than the classic Oklahoma!
Yeehaaaw. Except not really. The plot is almost non existent. It is a story told over and over again. It is e story a guy and gal who fall in love, but there is a villain of course who has eyes for this gal. There is comic relief from the stereotypical southerner with the dull and naive minded dialogue. The climax of the show is an auction. The protagonist and antagonist fight over a meal that is up for auction. They sell all their possessions just because they ant let the other win. Stupid…and you guested it with the help of the community the protagonist wins! Whoi would have thought he would win?!…..I did! Anyways the guy and gal get married, but you guessed it, it’s not over yet! Jud (antagonist) enters with a knife. They fight. They fall. Jud lands on his own knife! Will this ruin their wedding day? Will Curly got to jail on his wedding day? Nope. Yay happiness! And they sing OoohhhK Lahoma…

I do think that the music is pretty good however. The story is kind of flat though.

Well I am learning a lot about theatre and this a great experience even though some things a not exactly going perfect it has taught me about how important it is to have a good schedule and a good attitude about everything.


The Bruins won the Stanley Cup last night, demolished the Vancouver Canucks in a 4 - 0 game. It was wonderful. The last time they won was 1972. My grandpa has always been a Bruins fan. Ciara, my youngest cousin, was showing Nan a picture that she drew after the wake last night. Nan tells her the Bruins are gonna win because grandpa is helping them. Chiara was a little confused, and asked where grandpa was, and Nan said he is up in heaven giving the Bruins a hand.


It was great to hear all of the stories about grandpa. One story that Tori told me was particularly funny. My uncle Joe plays the bagpipes, yes my very Italian uncle plays the very Scottish bagpipes. It reminded Tori about a story grandpa once told her.

It is World War 2 and there is a huge firefight going on in the middle of the city. In the midst of the violent fighting the Scottish show up and there is a whole line of them playing the bagpipes…everyone stops fighting and listens. The men who were fighting turn and look around thinking “what the hell are they doing?” immediately they begin to fire on the Scottish men playing the bagpipes.


We’ll I guess this is going to be one of my more mellow posts, so if you are not having a good day, I wouldn’t read this expecting to be cheered up.

Today I lost my grandpa, my father’s father. His death was not sudden and unanticipated, he was ready to go. He had colon cancer. I know that he is now with God and happier than anyone could possibly understand here on earth. Now is not a time for regret, it is a time for remembering a great man.

Ugo Cimino was born in the city of Naples Italy. As just a young boy he lost both of his parents to appendicitis. Growing up in Italy during WWII he witnessed some unbelievable things such as people being trampled in lines trying to get a piece of bread a hard as rock. He said that bread was so rough all you needed was a few bites to fill you up for the day. He never ate much anyways, but he did love his red wine. I remember in Nan and Grandpa’s old house under the small kitchen table there were several glass jugs of red wine. We would sit at the table and he would tell us stories about the war or about Italy. You would understand about 3/4 of the story if you really paid attention. Sometimes he would make a wise remark or violent comment and look at you with a smile of affirmation. And yes he did most of this storytelling shaking the back of his rough hands with punctuation. He had always worked with his hands as a mechanic on airplanes for the Italian air force and race cars. He never graduated high school, but he worked on cars since he was about 10. The man he worked for is actually who my father is named after. Ugo was friends with the original William’s son, but tragically William’s son died i an accident. My grandfather became like a son to William after that. Then with the air force he won awards and metals and was the fastest and most efficient mechanic in his class. When his mother wanted my great uncle to go to America, but couldn’t they sent my grandpa over to pave the way for the Cimino family. He traveled through NY and to Watertown MA, sought american citizenship, and found work as a mechanic and met and married my grandmother. She was still a teenager when they married and as any good Italian Catholic, started to have kids and lots of them. My grandpa supported not only his own five kids, but also my grandmother’s three siblings. From then on he kept working hard and the Cimino family grew to what it is today.

My grandpa was one of the strongest person I have ever known. He had a hard outside, but a wicked gooey inside. He would tell me about how when we went on vacation he used to take me out for a stroller ride in the morning. He was quiet but when he did talk it was always sarcastic and funny, he was always arguing and lecturing. Swearing in Italian and English. He was definitely a tough guy the solution to any misbehavior was a slap in the face, he even taught the other kids on the block knew not to mess with the Mr. Cimino. But again for all of his tough and rough qualities he was very loving and caring. Grandpa I love you and miss you already.

When peace, like a river, attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll;
Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say,
It is well, it is well, with my soul.


"Comedy is an escape, not from truth but from despair; a narrow escape into faith"

- Christopher Fry 

Today is yet another ground breaking day in the life of Arielle Cimino. I have added a new social communication platform to my repertoire. Why? Why do I need tumblr? Possible answers:

1) All other forms of online self expression are lame.
2) I did it because my friends are doing it and I want to be cool too!
3) I got an account because I have an iPad 2 and it is just one more thing I can do on it.
4) Friends think that I hate them because I don’t have one or even read theirs.
5) Deep down inside I have know idea who I am as a young adolescent in this world and tumblr may be the answer.

Now all of the answers may have something to do with it. Numbers 1, 2 and 3 are not exactly the reason why. All my friends do have them and I do have an iPad 2, which is fun and convenient, but I need to do more with it. Number 4 is definitely the inciting insident, as ridiculous as it sounds (Are you happy now Heidi? I don’t hate you). Number 5 I don’t really expect to find myself in tumblr.

I don’t know if I will ever post again. Probably.